1. How do I purchase a custom Pokémon from ThePokeFactory?

We have got two different listings for custom Pokémon in our store, a single Pokémon option (HERE) and a Pokémon Team option (HERE)

In the listing you can chose if you wish to have your Pokémon regular, Star Shiny or Square Shiny, and, also, you can choose if you wish to have them with your personal Trainer name and ID n.

in order to identify your Trainer Name and ID you need to:

1. Start your Pokémon Sword or Shield game.

2. Press ( x )

3. Select League Card

4. Press [ R ] to flip your League Card

Your Trainer Name and ID will show at the bottom of the League Card.

After purchase we will need to have the correct Pokémon build made with "Showdown" you can find HERE a guide that teaches you how to produce the correct builds.

2. How do I receive my Pokémon?

First of all you HAVE TO get in touch with us in one of our chat that you can find here:

Choose ONLY ONE of these chats:

(Preferred) Discord: https://discord.gg/SMb6qFk 
Facebook: https://www.m.me/thepokefactorypage/

Then we will send you instructions that will help you to receive your order, PLEASE, if you can't read or understand the English language refrain from purchasing our products since all our instructions will be given in English ONLY!

3. How long does delivery take?

Our goal is to deliver all our orders in within 24 hours from the first contact from our customers, if this contact will not happen then the time will be delayed at customers convenience.

4. Why can't delivery staff connect and where are my Pokémon?

The most common problem that may delay your order is related to WiFi. Follow our instruction thoroughly cause miss reading or miss interpretation of our instruction is also a major cause of trouble which is coming from your side. No order will be refund for connection problems or, because, you refuse to follow our instruction.

5. Why SOME of the Pokémon I bought cannot be used in online battles?

Some of the Pokémon are simply banned from online competitive battling by Nintendo, in order to make sure which Pokémon are banned each month you should check the Nintendo updates in regards of legalities. On the other hand, some rare Pokémon are not yet released by Nintendo in their servers so that you will be able to keep the Pokémon without any issue in your game and you will be able to use it for online battles only later when an official release will happen.

6. I changed my mind, can I get a refund?

No, we do not refund based on I changed my mind, as the time we spend to address to you any concern is part of the price you pay, you do not pay for items, you pay for a service and it is extremely inconvenient for us to refund everyone who is not aware of what are they purchasing. So, our policy is, we refund ONLY in case there is some problem from our side were we cannot deliver what we are supposed to. Make sure you are aware of what are you purchasing before placing an order, you can ask our staff in case you have any doubt.