Points Rules:

What are the points?

A store member can accumulate points with actions and purchases. The points can be used at checkout to obtain a discount up to 20$ per purchase.

Where can I see my points?

You can see your points in your account section from the top menu of the screen you can access “my account” and then “my points”.

How can I accumulate more points?

– 1 point every 1$ spent in store.
– 5 points for registering your account.
– 1 point per daily login into our store.
– 10 points for completing your profile.
– 50 points per referral purchase.
– 20 points at your birthday.
– 10 points per every review.

What are the points ranks?

Every time you reach a points goal you obtain a badge reward that you can see in your account.
Badges gives you access to special promotions.

Badges Points ranking

How can I redeem my points?

You will be asked at checkout if you want to use your points to get a discount.
50 points = 1$ discount
to a max of 20$ discount per order.

Points expires after 12 months.