7 things probably only pros know about doing in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a Pokemon game like no other, introducing a number of new mechanics that we hope will continue to be used, adding new regional variants of some of our fan-favorite Pokemon, and giving us the first an open world game.

Actually, completing the Pokédex in Pokemon Legends: Arceus isn’t just a matter of catching them. This time around, in addition to catching a lot, you’ll actually need to observe key Pokemon activities, use specific moves, eat, and more! This article is best for beginners to advance to a professional level in the game of Legends Arceus.

1 Never ignore space-time distortions

Time Warp is a brand new element never seen before in Pokemon games. They start out as swirling air, but over time they turn into the black abyss where strange foreign Pokemon spawn. In the game, you’ll get an alert if a time warp is forming in the map you’re exploring, and then again when it’s fully formed.

It’s definitely worth your time to visit these twists and stay until they’re gone. Not only are there rare Pokemon, including all Beginners and Eeveelutions, but there are also rare items appearing on the ground. These could be useless but valuable things like nuggets, or evolutionary items like black diamonds.

2 Quick, stealthy catches are your best friend

In the early stages of the game, every capture and battle is exciting. Compared to the rigid Pokemon formula we’re all used to, this is all so fresh! It takes you a long time to get bored with it. Unfortunately, you will eventually get bored.

With so many Pokemon in the open world, fighting every single one you want to capture is a real pain (don’t even get us started with a massive outbreak). It’s especially frustrating at the end of the game when you’re trying to finish Pokedex.

Trust us and start developing your sneaky skills early. Catching Pokemon quietly and quickly is a lifesaver. We recommend smoke bombs, which are effective when there is no grass close enough to the target; Feather Balls/Wing Balls/Jet Balls, which have the least arc when thrown.

3 Talk to everyone.

We know there are a lot of NPCs in Jubilife Village, and this tip might seem annoying, but it’s actually invaluable. And, it actually refers specifically to people outside Jubilee Village. While there are usually markers to indicate which NPCs have quests for you, some markers are missing.

When you come across an unexpected NPC in the wild, be sure to chat with them! You may be pleasantly surprised that they have special requirements for you. Or, as we have happened many times, they could be part of a request that you forgot you already received!

4 Experience sharing is balanced

There is no experience sharing program in Pokemon Legends: Arceus like in past Pokemon games; Pokemon automatically share the experience they get! The only exception is that Pokemon gains experience by harvesting certain things in the open world. In this case, only the Pokemon you throw will get that experience.

However, just because experience sharing is automatic does not mean it is equal. You’ll notice that Pokemon with a much lower level will gain more experience compared to the rest of your party. It’s really good to know this late in the game when you might be trying to raise a particular Pokemon to the same level as everyone else in your party. You don’t need to spend time growing boring, simple, low-level Pokemon.

5 Prioritize some stock favorites to avoid long swaps

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has a wide variety of throwable items that you can store to use in the wild. Some of them will hide you from Pokemon, while others will lure them with their delicious aroma! Be careful not to get too tempted.

In the wild, you don’t necessarily have much time to switch between items in your inventory; this can be very time-consuming. We recommend that you prioritize some of your favorites and drop the rest. You end up getting lost in an item soup.

6 Mobile error swipes are invaluable

If you’re not familiar with it, the move False Swipe is an attack that always gives the defending Pokemon at least 1 HP. Obviously, this is great for defeating the Pokemon you want to catch! You can use your level 80 Gallade against a level 5 Starly, and as long as you use the False Swipe, you can fight without worrying about accidentally defeating it!

Legend has it that there are many Pokemon: Arceus can learn False Swipe. Pick one to add to your party, because there’s nothing worse than encountering a Pokemon you really want to catch but doesn’t have the proper level, or accidentally killing it.

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