Cinderace Tera Raid Event Guide

Cinderace Raid Obtained
Cinderace Raid Obtained

The Cinderace event Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet is a special Tera Raid battle event available for a limited time. Use this guide to learn how to unlock the 7-star Cinderace Tera Raid event and how to beat it.

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Cinderace Tera Raid Start Time and Details

According to the official Pokemon website, a Cinderace with the Mightiest Mark will appear in 7-Star black crystal Tera Raid Battles. This is a difficult raid battle.

Fighting Tera-type CinderaceDec. 29 @ 4pm PT/7pm ET – Jan. 1 @ 4pm PT
FightingTera-type CinderaceJan. 13 @ 4pm PT/7pm ET – Jan. 15 @ 4pm PT

The Cinderace during both of these event periods will be exactly the same, and you can only catch one!

How to Unlock the 7-Star Cinderace Raid

Like for the Charizard Terra Raid Battle Event, there are a few things you’ll need to do to be able to challenge the Charizard Tera Raid in Pokemon Violet or Pokemon Scarlet.

  1. Connect to the Internet by opening the menu in-game and pressing L. Open the Poke Portal and press + to see the news.
  2. To see the 7-Star Black Tera Crystals in your own game, you will need to complete the steps to unlock 6-Star Raids (complete the post-credits Academy Ace Tournament and also defeat 15 5-Star Tera Raids.)Cinderace Event Tera Raid10.png
  3. If you have not completed the above, you can still participate in the raids by joining Tera Raid Battles online – you will however need a paid Nintendo Switch Online subscription. You may still have to have unlocked 6-Star raids for the 7-Star Cinderace Raid Battle to appear randomly online. However, you can use a Link Code to join someone if they have unlocked it regardless of your story progress.

You may have to Update Pokemon Scarlet or Violet – See How to Update Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet

How to Beat the Cinderace Event Tera Raid Battle

Find details on the 7-Star Cinderace’s moves below and a strategy to counter it.

Cinderace the Unrivaled
Cinderace Event Tera Pic.png
TypeFighting (Tera Type) – Weak to Psychic, Fairy, and Flying
AbilityLibero (Hidden Ability – No Effect when Terastalized)
MovesBulk Up – Buffs its Defense and Attack, it does this first in every battle, and will continue to use itPyro Ball – Fire – It uses this move most oftenIron Head – SteelAcrobatics – FlyingHigh Jump Kick – Fighting

Here are specific instructions to counter the Cinderace.

  1. Consider Using EspathraEspathra’s Ability is Opportunist, which raises the same stats its opponent raises. So, each time Cinderace raises its Attack and Defense with Bulk Up, Espathra automatically keeps up with it. It’s also a very easy to get.
Espathra (Cinderace Raid Build)
TypePsychic with a Psychic Tera Type
Held ItemShell Bell
MovesLumina CrashReflectHelping HandCalm Mind / Feather Dance (Your Choice)
EV (Effort Values)252 Attack / 252 HP
  1. Get a Team if you Can – Or, play online. Fellow Trainers should be easier to work with than NPCs.
  2. The strategy with Espathra is pretty simple. On the first turn, one person should use Reflect – this increases your whole team’s Defense.
  3. Then, attack Cinderace with Lumina Crash, which is a Super Effective move that reduces Cinderace’s Special Defense, making all Special Attackers on your team hit harder. Shell Bell will ensure you heal as you attack.
  4. Optionally, you can use Calm Mind to buff your Espathra further or Feather Dance to debuff Cinderace’s Attack.
  5. When Cinderace puts up its shield, you must Terastalize and hit it with a Super Effective attack that is the same type as your Pokemon’s Tera Type. [[File:Cinderace Raid Screen Shot 12:29:22, 5.46 PM.png|link=]]
  6. If your Pokemon is about to faint, consider saving your Terastalizing for when you recover- you can only Terastalize once!
  7. If your teammate has Terastalized and you are unable, use Helping Hand on them instead.

Cinderace Tera Raid Battle Rewards

Cinderace Event Tera Raid4.png

Coming soon! Besides Cinderace, you’ll likely collect an assortment of Tera Shards, Bottle Caps, Vitamins, and more.

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