Special Shiny- #1008 Miraidon


This is an online session on a catching safari played with us
– You can enter our special shiny world through ONLINE UNION ROOM.
– We will spawn a Pokemon of your choice (many times) for you to catch for your own game.
– You will get about 10 minutes to catch as many Pokemon as you wish.
– Here is a full guide on how to obtain these Pokemon.

Unobtainable FAQ:


Q: Can they be trade online after I catch them?

A: No, these are unobtainable Pokemon. they cannot be traded online or be able to transfer to HOME.


Q: Do they work online at all?

A: No for online link trades or battle, but they work and show up in online union circle in the overworld.


Q:  What can I do with these Pokemon after catching?

A: They are meant for collectors purposes only but will still work with local battles + local trades, Union Circle and showoff around with in your gameplay with friends.


Q: How many Pokemon can I catch?

A: As many as you can depending on your team, expect to catch 2-3 during the session. The whole map will be that 1 Pokemon.


Q: Can my friends join me?

A: No, you can join the session only alone, this will guarantee stability to the safari.


Q: Are there hacked in by you?

A: Yes, they are considered unobtainable in game.


Q: Can’t you just trade them to me?

A: No, these are unobtainable Pokemon that cannot be traded online, this method allows you to get them to your game.


Q: Can you spawn more than 1 for me in a session?

A: The price is for the spawn of ONE kind of Pokemon (E.g. Mew – Shiny).


Q: What levels or natures will the spawns be?

A: They will all be at level 1, in order to simplify the catch.


Q: How should I prepare for this expedition?

A: Have strong Pokeballs & team ready so you can catch these easier. A move that can paralyze or put asleep can be helpful and also A Pokemon with False swipe will help to get the HP down to 1.


Q: Will this have my OT name?

A: Yes, you will be the one capturing it.


Q: I’ve lost all Pokemon that I caught during the safari, why?

A: You need to turn on Auto-save for your safari to make sure you will not lose any progress.

Customers Reviews


The best and fastest service since SWSH! I have been buying all my competitive teams from them


Got all my Pokémon in minutes! 5* love this guys...

Lee Campbell

So easy to complete my shiny pokédex this way. Will be back again.


So cool and easy I was so excited to see my new shiny gigapower team

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