Ultimate Ditto Breeding Bundle


Ultimate Ditto Breeding Bundle

The Ultimate Ditto Breeding Bundle is a bundle that includes all 25 Natures of Ditto 6IVs, Shiny, Holding Destiny Knot and JAPANESE.

The?Masuda method, also known as?Masuda’s method, is a fan-made term for the increased chance of?Shiny Pok?mon?being produced when?breeding?Pok?mon?with different languages of origin.

While the standard encounter rate for a Shiny Pok?mon (either in the?wild?or by?breeding) is 1/8192 from?Generation II?to?Generation V?and 1/4096 in?Generation VI?onwards, the Masuda method multiplies this rate by 5 (to 5/8192 or about 1/1638) in Generation IV, by 6 (to 6/8192 or about 1/1365) in Generation V, and by 6 (to 6/4096, or 1/683) from Generation VI onwards.

The method is named after?Game Freak?director?Junichi Masuda, who described the method in his blog in December 2007. The blog post lists various ways that Game Freak decided to incentivize using the?GTS?in?Pok?mon Diamond and Pearl, describing this bonus as “rare colored Pokemon?s Egg can be found little easier”.

The Masuda method involves breeding two Pok?mon created in games of different languages. An Egg resulting from such a pairing will have a higher likelihood of being Shiny. The most common way to arrange such a pairing is to use one foreign Pok?mon and one from the game in which the breeding occurs, although the method will work in any game or combination of languages provided at least one of the Pok?mon in the pair is from a language different to the language of the other parent. The language of the save file does not apply whether Masuda Method takes effect, only the languages of the two parents are taken into account, so if both Pok?mon are foreign to the language the game is being played in but are both of the same language, then the Masuda method will not take effect.

Despite being obtainable in one’s native language savefile, foreign language Pok?mon obtained via?in-game trades, such as the?Meister‘s?Foppa?and?Lt. Surge‘s?Volty, are treated as being outside the game[2][3], so if bred with a parent caught in the same save file,[4]?the Masuda method will take effect.

In Generation IV only, if the Masuda method applies, the?Everstone?will fail to increase the chance of passing on a Nature. This is due to Nature and Shininess both being determined by the Pok?mon’s?personality value?in Generation IV, so manipulating one would interfere with the other. From Generation V onward, Nature is not determined by personality value, so this restriction is removed. A Pok?mon traded internationally while still in its Egg will retain the internal marking which recognizes it as a foreign Pok?mon even though it would have the hatcher?s OT.

Some examples are illustrated below; Pok?mon bred in circumstances which invoke the Masuda method and have an increased chance of being Shiny are denoted by their Shiny sprite.


  • Step 1: Press “” to access MAIN MENU, Press “” to connect to the Internet and select “Yes” to connect and save the game, then choose “Poké Portal”.
  • Step 2: Choose “Link Trade” then “Set Link Code”, now set an eight-digit Link Code (try not to use the same digits), now select “Begin Searching” and select “Yes” to begin searching.
  • Step 3: Add pokemon to your cart and fill in the “Link Code” when checking out.
  • Step 4: Click Live Chat with your order number to obtain your orders sooner.

Want To Know More?

All our Shiny Pokémon are 100% Legit and usable in online combats and trades.

(Check Nintendo restrictions on the use of specific Pokémon for online competitions)

All our Pokémon has a default 6 perfect IVs (31-31-31-31-31-31)

Any specific stats and customization can be found in our custom Pokémon section.

What does it mean when a Pokémon is Legit?
If the 
Pokémon can be traded online that means it is a Legit Pokémon, there is rare cases where a Legit Pokémon cannot be traded for secondary reasons, but, the servers does not allow to trade non-legit Pokémon therefor you can always confirm that is Legit when it lands in your console!

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The best and fastest service since SWSH! I have been buying all my competitive teams from them


Got all my Pokémon in minutes! 5* love this guys...

Lee Campbell

So easy to complete my shiny pokédex this way. Will be back again.


So cool and easy I was so excited to see my new shiny gigapower team

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