Will there be DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released this November, three years after Gen 8’s launch via Pokemon Sword and Shield, while that remains the series’ main center of the competition. Although Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were announced in February, due to the lack of new trailers, little is officially known about these games, as only one has been released since Gen 9 was released. So a great source of information on what the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will include is a known Pokemon leaker named Riddler Khu.

A well-known Pokemon Scarlet and Violet insider has teased that the next installment in the long-running RPG series will get DLC when it launches later this year. Following the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield a few years ago, Game Freak finally supports these games post-launch in the form of two major expansions. While it seems likely that this trend will continue in Scarlet and Violet again, this questionable insider may have confirmed this is the case.

Khu has a solid track record going back a long way, and they shared all the right information about Pokemon Legends: Arceus ahead of its January launch. Among various things, Khu also teased Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s new systems and gimmicks in a series of tweets, discussing elements from the first and second official trailers, and the upcoming new unannounced things. Now, Khu has shared their preference for the Pokemon mainline game on Twitter, placing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and its DLC in third place.

While there are no rumors or any official word about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet getting additional content in the form of DLC or expansion passes, the consensus is that this is likely to happen because of how Pokemon Sword and Shield’s post-launch content has been handled. Nonetheless, Khu has confirmed that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will indeed get some form of DLC, although what that means hasn’t been shared. Gen 9 is likely to take a similar approach to Gen 8 Pokemon games, as DLC packs expand Pokedex and allow players to explore new territories.

It’s not unbelievable to think that Gen 9 will have some form of Pokedex cut, especially given that the new Pokemon is coming, and the total number of critters will likely be closer to a thousand. Like Pokemon Sword and Shield, the expansion will likely include some new and many returning Pokemon that players can catch, and it might even include a return to Carlos, which is about how the 9th gen region was inspired by Spain and Portugal’s rumors. The DLC for the new game could also be a new endgame experience based on Gen 9 open-world mechanics.

For Khu, with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ranked so high, and the game has interesting new concepts, Gen 9’s world could be huge, and its gameplay is engaging enough to warrant the release of a DLC pack. Just some critters are back. As mentioned, it seems like a no-brainer that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will get DLC sometime in 2023. Game Freak has yet to announce this.

If you haven’t circled the date on your calendar, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released later this fall on November 18th. When the latest Pokemon games arrive, they’ll be available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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