7-Star Decidueye Tera Raid Event Announced

A new challenge awaits!

Trainers can catch a Flying Tera Type Decidueye with the Mightiest Mark during the 7-Star Unrivaled Decidueye Event in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV). Check out our list of the best Pokemon to counter Decidueye with, best solo and team strats, best sandwich, all rewards, how to join and more!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet SV - Decidueye Tera Raid Event
ScheduleRound 1
Start Date: 2023/03/17 00:00 UTC
End Date: 2023/03/19 23:59 UTC Round 2
Start Date: 2023/03/24 00:00 UTC
End Date: 2023/03/26 23:59 UTC
Rewards7-Star Decidueye Up For Grabs Defeat the “Decidueye the Unrivaled” in a Black Crystal Tera Raid during the event and you’ll get a Flying Tera Type Decidueye with the Mightiest Mark.
Unlock RequirementsUnlock 6-Star Tera Raid Battles to Participate To do this, you’ll need to complete the Academy Ace Tournament, then do 8-10 4-Star or 5-Star Raids until you get a call from Jacq.

Unrivaled Decidueye will appear in 7-Star Tera Raids! Round 1 for this event will start on March 17th, 00:00 UTC until March 19th, 23:59 UTC, with Round 2 happening on March 24th until March 27th.

Likely to Use Physical Attacks

Tera Type: Ability: Long Reach (Hidden Ability)
IVs: 31 IVs in Every Stat
Nature: Sassy ・ Brave Bird
Leaf Blade
Spirit Shackle
Low Sweep Extra Moves
Swords Dance

Decidueye has a higher Physical Attack Stat than its Special Attack Stat, so it is likely to gain access to its more powerful Physical moves for this raid. In previous Tera Raid Events, 7-Star Bosses have typically had on of each of their regular Types of move, one move that matches their Tera Type and a coverage move, in addition to their additional moves.

Decidueye will likely have Spirit Shackle and Leaf Blade as its regular typing STAB moves. Both of these are physical moves. With Tailwind as a potential additional move, Decidueye will likely move first against Pokemon with no Speed EV investment.

It may have Brave Bird as its Tera STAB move. This is a powerful move which also deals recoil damage to the user (no problem for a 7-Star Raid Boss’ vast HP pool).

Rounding out its regular moves may be the Fighting Type Low Sweep for coverage. This would be an effective answer to 2 of its 3 weaknesses, Ice and Rock, which it is super-effective against. Finally, it would also be a solid answer to Dark and Steel Types which resist its STAB moves. This would hard counter Kingambit, which otherwise resists all of Decidueye’s STAB moves.

If Decidueye’s additional moves include Tailwind and Swords Dance (both in line with the types of additional moves we usually see from raid bosses), Decidueye will become a formidable attacker. Swords Dance boosts its attack by 2 stages, while Tailwind doubles Decidueye’s Speed Stat.

If the final moveset is similar to the one described above, it is recommended to pump up your Pokemon’s HP and Defense stats before participating in these raids to raise your chance of surviving longer against Decidueye.

Likely Has Long Reach Hidden Ability

Decidueye is likely to have Long Reach as its Ability during the raid. This ability turns all of its contact moves into non-contact moves, protecting it from the effects of such things as Rocky Helmet and Flame Body.

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