How to trade pokemon in Scarlet and Violet:

Pokemon Trade

To trade with friends in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet you can follow this easy guide!

Step 1:
Press “x button” to access the “MAIN MENU”

Step 2:
Press “” and select “Yes” (Press “A Button“) to save the game and connect to the Internet (A Nintendo Online Subscription is necessary to play online)

Step 3:
Select “Poké Portal” (Press “A Button“)

Step 4:
Select “Link Trade” (Press “A Button“)

Step 5:
Select “Set Link Code” (Press “A Button“) OR simply press “

Step 5:
Insert an eight-digit code and press “” to set it.

Step 6:
Select “Begin Searching” (Press “A Button“)

Step 7:
Select “Yes” (Press “A Button“)

Step 8:
Wait for your trade partner to do the same.

Step 9:
Once your trade partner will be found you will be automatically redirect to your box to choose the pokemon to trade

Step 10:
Select the pokemon you want to trade (Press “A Button“)

Step 12:
Select “Trade it” (Press “A Button“)

Step 13:
Wait for your partner to decide

Step 14:
Select “Trade it” (Press “A Button“)

Step 15:
Wait for your partner to decide

Step 16:
If a communication error occurs or your system gets turned off while you’re trading, you won’t be able to trade Pokemon for a while.

Step 17:
Wait for for the trade to complete

Step 18:
Enjoy your new Pokemon

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