Scarlet Violet Charizard Tera Raid Time & Best Counters

Scarlet Violet Charizard Tera Raid:

Are you ready for the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Charizard Exclusive Tera Raid?
The game have been out for a little while now, and they have begun doing events in their Tera Raid section of the game. This includes having a certain Pokemon more widely available in Tera Raids or having a Pokemon that usually cannot be caught in Paldea. One of those Pokemon is Charizard. This guide will explain everything you need to know about the Charizard Tera Raid.

This raid requires pretty strong Pokemon, so keep that in mind. You’re going to want to go in with high-level Pokemon, as they are seven-star raids. As well, you’re going to want to make sure that the Pokemon you choose counters Charizard, otherwise, you might be in for a difficult time.

Tera Raids are a fun community event and they can bring people together, so why not try them out with your friends? Or, if you prefer to fly solo, you can attempt this with some NPCs. We can’t guarantee that will go well, though.

Here’s all you need to know about the Charizard Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


Charizard will appear in the black Tera Raid crystals from December 1 at 4 PM PT / December 2 at 12 AM GMT to December 4 at 3:59 PM PT / December 4 at 11:59 PM GMT.

Don’t worry if you aren’t around for this particular event though, as Charizard will be making a reappearance at the black Tera Raid crystals this month. They will appear on December 15 at 4 PM PT / December 16 at 12 AM GMT to December 18 at 3:59 PM PT / 11:59 PM GMT.


Charizard’s Tera-type is Dragon-type, making them incredibly powerful. The most obvious choice is Fairy-type Pokemon, as Charizard is a Dragon-type. Fairy-type Pokemon are completely immune to all Dragon-type attacks, which will make the fight significantly easier. Equally, Charizard will only be doing Fire-type, Flying-type, or Dragon-type damage, so Fairy-type Pokemon will always come on top for this.

Whatever you do, do not take Steel-type, Ice-type, or Dragon-type Pokemon into this fight. These are all bad choices, due to Charizard being a Fire-type Pokemon. It is not worth the risk! There are a couple of Pokemon that counter Charizard really well, so here is a list of the best Pokemon to take into these battles.

At the very top of this list is Azumarill. With the powerful combination of Belly Drum and Play Rough, you can easily one-shot most Tera Raids. That might not be the case here, depending on how high-level your Pokemon is. However, it will certainly chunk most of their health!

Flutter Mane is a great choice if you have access to the Paradox Pokemon. They are Ghost and Fairy-type Pokemon and have some pretty powerful moves that they can use. Moon Blast will do a lot of damage, especially if you pair it up with a stat-nerfing move such as Fake Tears. Once you have a combo like that, you’re in business.

Dachsbun is also coming out on top for this fight. They have more immunity than Azumarill, making them a good defensive option in battle. They equally have Play Rough but have the benefit of having a higher base Attack in their stats, meaning they are a very viable pick to take into the Charizard Tera Raid.

Good luck out there fighting Charizard!


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