Unobtainable Pokemon Safari Hunt:

To partecipate in our Unabtainable Pokemon Safari Hunt with friends in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet you can follow this easy guide!

Step 1:
Press “x button” to access the “MAIN MENU”

Step 2:
Press “” and select “Yes” (Press “A Button“) to save the game and connect to the Internet (A Nintendo Online Subscription is necessary to play online)

Step 3:
Select “Poké Portal” (Press “A Button“)
Unobtainable Safary Pokemon Poke Portal
Step 4:
Select “Union Circle” (Press “A Button“)

Step 5:
Select “Join a Group” (Press “A Button“)
Step 6:
Select “Yes” (Press “A Button“)
Unobtainable Safary Pokemon
Step 7:
Insert link code provided by us and press “” to set it.

Step 8:
Wait for all participants to be in the group we will start the safari as soon as everyone (you and your friends) is in the room.

The secret location will be reveled to you during the chat. Please stay always really close to our character to avoid crashes.

Step 9:
You have now reached our Secret Shiny World. Remember, the special Pokemon will spawn ONLY when you are in our same area. If you di not see them, please exit the area you are in and re-enter it.

Step 10:
HURRY!!! Start your Unobtainable Pokemon Safari Hunt You can catch as many Pokemon as you wish during your time. All the spwned pokemon will carry a Master Ball so that you can easily catch the next one.

Step 11:
Once your time is over, we will close the Union and Disband the group.
Step 12:
You are now back in your own game, check your box to find your rewards!

Here is how to complete an Unobtainable Pokemon Safari Hunt!
Hope you enjoy!
Remember these Pokemon cannot be used in online battle or trade online, they are only meant for use in own game, collection, and show in Union Circle.


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