Inteleon announced for next Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 7-Star Tera Raid event

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have announced Inteleon as the next available starter for the Generation 9 games’ 7-Star Tera Raid series.

The Water-type Inteleon debuted in Sword & Shield as the final evolution of starter Pokemon Sobble. In The Isle of Armor, Inteleon received a Gigantamax form with the G-Max Move Hydrosnipe.

With the past few 7-Star Tera Raids, Scarlet & Violet have introduced past starters typically unobtainable in the Paldea region. As for previous mons, the Gen 9 titles featured Samurott, Cinderace, and Decidueye, among others, for a limited time. This time, it’s Inteleon’s turn to shine in Scarlet & Violet.

OnTwitter, confirmed when Inteleon would appear in 7-Star Tera Raids. Trainers can locate the Tera Raids by searching for Black Crystals across the Paldean region containing Inteleon. However, players must unlock the feature by finishing all three story paths and The Way Home quest.

Instead of its regular Water typing, Inteleon would take on an Ice Tera-type. As usual, trainers can only catch one Inteleon per save file – which also has the Mightiest Mark.

The Inteleon 7-Star Tera Raid will run from 00:00 UTC on April 28 through 23:59 UTC on April 30. The event will then repeat on May 5 through May 7 during the same time frame.

The Fire-type starter from Johto will be embracing its Hisuian counterpart during this event, taking on a Ghost Tera Type—which means it is almost guaranteed to have access to Shadow Ball as one of its moves. You still won’t be able to get Hisuian Typhlosion in the game after this, but it is a nice little nod compared to how Samurott and Decidueye were used. 

In response to Inteleon’s announcement, one player wished Scarlet & Violet would have introduced Rillaboom. “Please bring Rillaboom. I need a good terrain setter to combat”.

Twitter users then replied to Rillaboom fans’ requests by informing them of the Grass-type Pokemon’s nerf. In Scarlet & Violet, Rillaboom lost Grassy Glide, Superpower, and High Horsepower.

While previous starter Pokemon entice players to complete the 7-Star Tera Raids, the battle takes teamwork and a good strategy.

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