Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Leaks Suggest DLC Incoming

dlc leaks

New leaks suggest that many pocket monsters are waiting to be released in a new DLC. And it might be coming sooner than you think!

The Pokemon community has been working tirelessly to pick apart data mining information regarding potential unused characters found in a Gen 9 sprite sheet.

One interesting find were several Mega Evolution forms of Pokemon that were not featured in the game play of Scarlet and Violet.

The full leaked Gen 9 character sprite sheet in question can be seen here.

This has many fans wondering why so many pocket monsters can be found in the updated sprites, but not actually in the games themselves.

We do know an updated Gen 9 character sheet would serve as the current state of the entire Pokedex on pokemon.com. And does not necessarily confirm any truth about new characters coming to Scarlet + Violet.

But knowing so many characters have sprites created means they are potentially available to make a surprise appearance in the future.

How soon could we see new Pokemon appear in the world of Scarlet + Violet? Glad you asked…

Pokemon Scarlet + Violet DLC

There have been murmurs of a potential DLC coming to Pokemon Scarlet + Violet. Possibly even coming as soon as February 27th.

And the reason for that day in particular should be obvious to hardcore fans. February 27th is, of course, International Pokémon Day!

The Pokemon Company themselves have said that updates will be coming to the games later this month. Though they did not say anything about a full DLC.

But as I’m sure you can guess – the Pokemon rumor mill has been working at full power lately.

There are talks of things like the return of Sada & Turo, since they have been acknowledged in the game in journal entries found in Research Station No. 4.

It is also believed that a third legendary Pokemon will be introduced in Area Zero. Signs pointing to a turtle?


It is to be expected that the Pokemon community will always be looking for the signs hidden within the game’s story, within the game’s data files, and within any other allegory that could hint at upcoming Pokemon content.

And the latest rumors have fans hoping that they still have big things coming to the world of Pokemon Scarlet + Violet.

So what do you think of the current Pokemon rumors? You think there’s some truth to any of it?

Will we see a DLC later this month? Will we get a third legendary? Or will Sada and Turo make a surprise return?

Only time will tell. But you know we are eager to find out.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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