Pokemon Scarlet and Violet getting new Walking Wake and Iron Leaves Legendaries

The two new creatures should be available very soon. DLC announced.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be getting two brand new Legendary creatures very soon.

Earlier today on February 27, a new Pokemon Presents showcase aired, revealing a brand new feature for both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Both games are getting brand new Legendary creatures, but this time they’re known as Paradox Legendaries, for some reason.

Pokemon Scarlet players will be able to find Walking Wake (a Suicune), while the new Legendary creature for Pokemon Violet players is called Iron Leaves (a Virizion). Both of these creatures, when available, will only be able to be captured through the Tera Raid Battles in both games.

We don’t know when the new Tera Raid Battles will be kicking off, but it should be very soon. The Pokemon Presents showcase said that both Paradox Legendaries would be making their debut in Scarlet and Violet after maintenance was complete, so look out for an official announcement at some point later today on February 27.

Elsewhere for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, new DLC expansions were revealed for the two games. The Teal Mask is part one of the DLC story, and will be available later this year in Fall 2023, while The Indigo Disc will be rounding out the expansion storyline a little bit later on in Winter 2023. 

In part two of this new DLC, you’ll become an exchange student at another academy, opening up the way for brand new characters and creatures alike. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet might’ve launched last year, but 2023 looks set to be huge for both games, with the new Paradox Legendaries and two DLC instalments. 

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