Pokemon Day 2023: Dates, events & Pokemon Presents

Pokemon Day
Pokemon Day

Pokemon Day 2023 is just around the corner, and fans will want to know when and where to check for potential updates about the franchise.

Pokemon Day is a special celebration set on the birthday of the beloved franchise. Every year, the day is filled with exciting news, live streams, project updates, and interesting facts about the franchise as a whole.

Many fans mark the day as a potential source of information on upcoming game releases or other exciting announcements. Last year’s Pokemon Day, players were treated to big news when Scarlet & Violet were revealed. Because the new Gen is only a few months old, many are looking toward possible DLC announcements this year instead of a new game.

However, it is also possible other titles in the series could get announced. New Let’s Go or Legends games have both been speculated, though there haven’t been any teasers, updates, or information from developers to help encourage the rumors.

Below is everything players need to know to tune in on Pokemon Day, what events to look forward to, and what livestreams could be announced ahead of time.

When is Pokemon Day 2023?

Pokemon Day is always on February 27 and is considered a full-day celebration. In the past, announcements have also been made on the days prior.

When is the Pokemon Presents for February 2023?

The Pokemon Presents for Pokemon Day 2023 will occur on February 27 at 6 AM PT. The special broadcast will give players news about the many games in the franchise, and potentially reveal information about upcoming projects.

Events for Pokemon Day 2023

Currently, no official events have been announced by The Pokemon Company for this year. However, the official website will likely begin promoting big events or celebrations as the day gets closer.

Hopefully, there will be plenty of exciting new announcements to look forward to as the weather starts to warm up.

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